current midi-cv units

Paul Perry pfperry at
Thu Nov 20 06:56:03 CET 1997

At 10:09 PM 19/11/97 -0000, Paul Schreiber wrote:
>I've posted the ProSolo, Pro2000, Pro4, and ProDCB Owner's Manuals in PDF
(Version 3) at:

>Othere MIDI to CV converters are available from PAiA, KJK Electronics, and
......or, in Australia, there is the Frostwave 4 channel rack mount MIDI-CV unit
manufactured by myself....
which also has a 'maniac mode' which enables you to use an analog games
joystick as a midi
generator (x axis for pitch, y axis for velocity, trigger for note on)...
the astute will
realise that you could use this as a cv to midi convertor, with a tiny hack...

paul perry melbourne australia

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