AW: Review: Kenton MIDI kit for Korg Trident (Mk. II)

Tony Clark clark at
Wed Nov 19 22:38:56 CET 1997

> This is strange, and hard to believe.
> Personally, I *have* seen complete schematics of the PS-3100.
> (I don't own them - I only copied the two pages of the 3100's
> Resonator for myself).
> I have also seen Trident schematics (though not sure about Mk II).
> And I have personally ordered schematics for two another Korg
> machines from the same period, from Korg's German distributor.

   Well I should say, Korg USA doesn't have them!  And yes, I did ask for 
schematics, service manuals, operating manuals.  What I got back was, 
"Well our computer shows that both the operating manual and service 
manual exist for the PS-3100 but we don't have any in stock".  Their 
computer failed to show any docs for the Trident.  Sound like they just 
didn't want to do it?  Probably.


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