Morning :)

Heiko Bajus uhb17 at
Wed Nov 19 18:34:24 CET 1997

At 20:03 19.11.97 +1030, you wrote:

>how to build the Maplin 4600 and 3600 synths. It looks like a huge 
>project (85 controllers on the 4600!!)
>(I will probably replace the filters with Moog and EMS style 
>filters as the 4600 doesn't even have resonance!)
>Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Look at Anders Sponton´s Page!
He has Infos about the Maplin/ETI 5600 and many more. That one has
resonating filters.
The Problem is that you have to get the Patch-Matrix for this Synth! Still
availeble but expensive. There were some posts about this problem on this
list some time ago.


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