Morning :)

9705146x 9705146x at
Wed Nov 19 10:33:43 CET 1997

Howdy :) This is my first post do synth diy, and i thought this would be 
the best place to find help for what i want to acheive, (well the only 
place!) I am also on the AH list, so i am familar with all the usua 
synth terms etc..

Anyway, to the point. I was having a bit of a wander through my 
university library the other day and came across complete instructions on 
how to build the Maplin 4600 and 3600 synths. It looks like a huge 
project (85 controllers on the 4600!!) But it looks quite a powerful 
beast, with 4 oscilators, a comprehensive patching system (aka VCS3), 
multistage EGs, 2 transient generators... and a strange mixer with 5 
inputs with each "channel" having another 5 inputs for unlimmeted mixing 

Is anyone familar with this synth? Have any of you built it? I would 
really love a big diy project lik this, but i won't build it if it has a 
thin sound. (I will probably replace the filters with Moog and EMS style 
filters as the 4600 doesn't even have resonance!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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