for your interest--tubes are (almost) everywhere.....

Eric at Svetlana Electron Devices svetengr at
Tue Nov 18 18:47:21 CET 1997


Found in the November 1997 issue of MIX, the leading
magazine for the professional sound industry:

Tube Tech compressor, p. 36
Drawmer preamps, compressors and EQs, p. 49 (full page)
Tube Works direct boxes, p. 69 (full page)
Rode microphone with built-in tube preamp, p. 80 (full page)
Anthony DeMaria preamps and compressors, p. 84
TL Audio preamp, compressor and EQ, p. 113
Music Valve direct box and Tube Works direct boxes, new-products section, p. 139
Groove Tubes CL1 compressor, product review, p. 158
Avalon Design preamp/EQ/compressor, p. 185 (full page)
Demeter direct box, p. 188
Forssell preamp, p. 188
D. W. Fearn preamp, p. 214

Needless to say, these ads really stand out among all the
digital audio equipment advertised in MIX...........none of
this tube equipment was meant for "golden ear" audiophiles,
but for use in ordinary recording studios. (It seems to infuriate
many recording pros that there's so much "obsolete junk"
in MIX today, as one of them once said....some of these things,
like the Avalon preamp, are brand-new designs and quite sophisticated.)

SOMEBODY buys these things! Why else would there be
so many companies making them?

And I haven't even mentioned PRO AUDIO REVIEW magazine,
which has a yearly "all tube" issue.......


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