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david.peachey at natwestuk.co.uk david.peachey at natwestuk.co.uk
Mon Nov 17 19:42:40 CET 1997


>  Great :)  How do I get in touch with Digisound??

Sorry Mark, you don't.  Digisound, as a company/business, has disappeared - 
the last guy to own the rights hasn't been heard of for several years so 
people like Matt and myself do our own thing from the old magazine and other 
articles which we have.

If you want copies, I seem to recollect that at least one of the Synth-DIY 
contributors has the schematics up on his home page - was it Anders Sponton? 
 You might try his pages or do a netsearch for Digisound.  If that fails, 
send me your snail mail address, tell me which ones you want and I'll copy 
the articles for you.

On the subject of chips - yes, Digisound used to have a stock of them (but 
that was when Doug Curtis was still producing them on a regular basis.  The 
best way to get hold of CEM chips nowadays is to ask around - you might see 
if Paul Schreiber (synth1 at airmail.net) has any spares from his own reworking 
of the Digisound-based modules.

If you're keen to get started, I might have some spare PCBs from my own work 
if you're interested (it depends what you're after).  Otherwise, you might 
want to wait and see what kits Paul produces - he's talking about producing 
full kits inc. boards, chips, panels, etc. but I don't know where he's got 
to at present.

Cheers for now

Dave Peachey
david.peachey at natwestuk.co.uk

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