Review: Kenton MIDI kit for Korg PS-3100

Doug Masla synthwerks at
Fri Nov 14 13:45:53 CET 1997

>   Overall, I would have preferred Kenton to have made a smaller MIDI
>board and worked on a better installation guide (for which they are in
>the process of going through and redoing a number of them).
>Unfortunately I doubt much will be done with the electronics as I was
>told they'd only sold a grand total of "3" PS-3100/3300 MIDI kits.  Oh
>well, I'm not going to complain, I've got a very cool synth that will
>neatly fit into my MIDI setup now.
>   Now if only I can solve the massive noise issue of the PS-3100 and the
>crosstalk, I'll be a very happy man...
>   Tony
If Kenton sold only 3 KorgPs3300/3100 midi-retro kits that meen you,Vince
and me(ps3300) are the owners of these kits...though they fit in a 3300
they are no easier to install,,but great fun :)
Doug M.

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