BASIC distortion pedal

nc0839 mymoog at
Sun Nov 16 06:09:06 CET 1997

For a basic distortion pedal try a book by Criag Anderton. "Projects for
electronic musicians"

You can get the book at PAIA. They also have the PCB's for the kits as well
as parts.

The book is good for beginners as it assumes you have limited electronics

David Lee

> From:  JOANN K SMITH <MELN78A at>
> To: synth-diy at
> Subject: BASIC distortion pedal
> Date: Saturday, November 15, 1997 10:43 PM
> i am very new to building pedals and have very limited electronic 
> ability. does anyone have a schematic for a VERY basic distortion or 
> fuzz pedal that wont sound horrible? if so, PLEASE email me with the 
> schematic.
> thanks
> Thom Finneran
> Grit and Grind Entertainment

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