Compressing Modulars?

R.Fahl 8brain at
Sat Nov 15 20:23:11 CET 1997

Hello all,

I am in need of taming my modular a bit.  It's nice to have an instrument
with such a wide dynamic range, but unfortunately, the rest of my studio
can't keep up with it.  Most of my recordings from the last few months are
littered with harsh distortion because the behemoth pegged the levels.

Originally, I was running the mod into my mixer, and running the output of
the mixer into a two channel compressor.  This didn't seem to help.  If the
modular peaked, it would distort the output of the mixer and the compressor
couldn't help there.  I could run the mod into the compressor first, but I
now have six channels of audio coming out of the mod into the mixer, which
means more compressors.

That leads me to this question:  Would it make more sense to build a set of
compressor modules, or should I just go and get myself a multichannel unit,
such as the Behringer Multicom.  I want to keep the signal path as clean as

Also, I am using a 16 channel Boss mixer.  I use it because it was all I
could afford when I needed a mixer.  Would a Mackie be able to better
handle the output of my modular?


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