Looking For Filters

media at mail1.nai.net media at mail1.nai.net
Fri Nov 14 01:36:30 CET 1997

I apologize if you have already received this message.  I sent it while the
list might have been down, so if anyone had already responded to the
following question, I missed your reply.

I've been considering getting a stand alone filter box like a Waldorf
X-Pole or Mutronics Mutator, but they seem rather pricey.  So I am looking
into the possibility of building my own VCF's.

Although a kit would be easier, I'm not opposed to etching my own PCB's.
Are there any VCF schematics or sources of schematics out there that any of
you would recommend??  I would like to include several different filters in
the same rack, including at least one 24db and one 12db resonant LPF.  I
would like to have all of the modules run off of the same power supply
(which I'm suppose would be +15/-15).



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