Need some help with DIY part of Synth/MIDI Web Site!

David Lee mymoog at
Thu Nov 13 17:50:27 CET 1997

I am wondering if there is some kind hearted soles out there who would agree
to assist in providing some html lessons for a website I am putting up? This
would consist of providing or creating information to explain basic DIY
projects and providing practical design advice. I was hoping yhe individual
would be capable of providing PCB art for small kits. Topics can range from
modifications of popular equipment to designing simple electronics projects
(i.e. drum synths, small efx) I would love to discuse any ideas of what
should be included in this site with any member of this list.

Even if you don't think you have the time to contribute, I would like to
here what you think.

Please feel free to email me any ideas or suggestions you might have. I am
most interested in what DIY information people on this list would like to
see included on a website.

What I plan to include!

Tutorials - On Analog synths, MIDI and effects use.
Technical Data - Mostly links to chip makers, patches, manuals 
Software - A collection of Virtual Synths, PC Drum machines, and other util's.
Sound Cards - Wave files of analog synth's and drum machines + drivers.
DIY Electronics - Simple projects, Modifications, Kits, Parts, Links

Thanks for your time

David Lee
Mr RocketSci - :)

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