BJ zzynt at
Wed Nov 12 06:49:08 CET 1997

Rick Jansen wrote:
> Hello list,
> To start, some new addresses:
>   synth-diy at
>   majordomo at
>   rick at
> I have noticed there were some problems with the list :-)
> These were caused by the unexpected removal of the list to
> a new machine. Actually this was announced in July already,
> but the actual move did not happen until now, and even
> without me knowing. But, we're back, and back under my control,
> so things should be ok for the time to come.
> The DIY archive on the web is not in working order yet, but you
> can always browse the archive as described below.

Thank you for your "efforts" making a list for this topic available..
Thanks Rick...


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