Sawing your own IC sockets?

Paul Perry pfperry at
Thu Mar 6 16:36:57 CET 1997

At 01:51 PM 10/12/98 -0800, Brett Duggan  wrote:
I noticed that I could purchase a long 2-3 foot
>strip of 0.3" width IC socket of the same exact type, and it would end up
>being far more economical to buy this long strip and then saw the socket
>lengths I need myself. 

I've never seen this, but I have seen 'single' strips, which I imagine wd be
much easier to break up, especially if it was 'scored' like the header pin 
strips I use.

BUT, I can't believe it wd be cheaper than getting a bunch of 8 pin and 14 pin
sockets, which covers everything pretty well, as for 8 use 2 fours.

I must say, I find it very tedious/difficult to cut a 16 int 2 8s!

paul perry melb aust

BTW my mailer crashed earlier so apologies if this went thru before

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