Programming an 8031 uC

03sjbrown at 03sjbrown at
Mon Mar 31 03:53:17 CEST 1997


I'm getting ready to start a project that would have to have
a micro-controller programmed. 

My problem(s) -
     * I'm unsure of the avalibility of 8031 uCs
     * I have no experience using an (E)EPROM programmer
     * And I don't have an EPROM programmer

I do have the assembly code needed and I'm pretty sure I can get 
an 8051 assembler... 

My situation - 
     * I don't forsee having to program many (if any) EPROMS in the
       future and, consequently, I don't want to buy or probably build
       one from a kit. 

My questions - 
      * Where can I get an 8031 pin compatible uC? 
     ** Can I get anyone to program one for me? 

        Of course I'm willing to pay...

                                         a non-EPROM-programming
                                         college student

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