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Dana Woodaman dwoodaman at
Wed Mar 26 18:06:28 CET 1997

Steven Varner wrote:
> Hi diy,
> I went to a local public library and San Diego State University
> library to check out the DIY synth books.  Since both are
> collections of many outdated tomes, they were good sources for
> stuff on discrete circuits.
> I found three books by Delton Horn that were useful (many of his
> books are good):
> 1. Oscillators Simplified with 61 projects (1987 TAB) - good
> source of LFO circuits, explains the basis of oscillators and
> VCO's, has many LC, transistor, UJT, opamp and specialty IC
> circuits.
> 2. Amplifiers Simplified with 40 projects (1987 TAB) - all the
> basics of amp circuits including very basic VCA's.
> 3. How to Use Special-Purpose IC's (1986 TAB) - Circuits for the
> 8038, XR-2206, 50240, MM5837, SN76477, and SN94281 among others
> (with pin outs for all).
> I also found:
> Electronic Music Circuit Guidebook by Brice Ward (TAB) -
> transistor circuits and PAIA Gnome schematics.
> Electronic Music Production by Alan Douglas (1982 TAB) - simple
> synth and effects circuits with good explanatory text.
> Electronic Music systems, techniques, and controls by Allen
> Strange (1983) - pictures of many modular panels (from various
> companies), with patches and recording info.
> Moog Modular Owner's Manual (1981)  (!)  - for the 900 series
> modules.  Diagrams and photos of all the front panels, stats on
> each module, function descriptions, pin assignments, applications
> and patches.  Way cool.
> Steve
I just ran across an interesting thing myself along these lines in a
used bookstore called Synthesis by Harold(?)Deutsch, the man that helped
to develop the Moog.  Interestingly enough he considered tape
manipulation a far superior and creative way to make music than with a
synth.  Has a good explanation of basic synthesis and tape manipulation
and a very wacked out little record with some demonstration pieces. A
great little book if you can find it...

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