Attention UK MIDI2CV8 orders

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Sun Mar 23 14:28:00 CET 1997

Hi folks.....
I'm adding four Frak-Rak kits to the order, as soon as Mona gets back 
to me with the price for them without PSU's....that's two for Dave 
(Jupiter4) one for me and one for Pete there anyone else 
who wants one? I'm predicting a cost of about a little 
extra postage. The extra postage charge will only be split amongst 
Fral-Rak receivers, those just having MIDI2CV8's will only be paying a 
1/10th share of the 25 USD the shipping would have been for ten 
A quick reminder, the Frak-Rak panels should be a straight fit into a 
Doepfer, as they are 3U high, 3" the Digisound standard was 
9" high you'd need to make and adaptor plate up, but that would be a 
whole lot easier than making a whole front panel.....
   I'll need to know before tuesday evening at around 8pm when I 
log-on to place the me either here at 
chrisc at I'll log-on again sometime this evening, probably 
around 8pm, and tommorrow at about the same time, or, especially if you 
have queries to answer, use chrisc at   it's my works 
address, and we have a very fast set-up, assuming nothing gets routed 
via demon or aol of course <g>


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