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Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Fri Mar 21 13:20:38 CET 1997

Several people have asked for the 600mil (wide body) CEM 339x parts used in some Oberheim equipment. I do not have any. I asked OnChip, and they did this as a "short-term" fix for Tom O. All later models used the standard 300mil stuff.

Sorry for not relaying this earlier. If anybody has placed orders specifying 600mil, please email me ASAP so we can discuss what to do.

I can easily fabricate 'adapter boards' to do this, but I would need at least 75 pieces total (from everybody) or more to make it worthwhile.

Here is the current list for those not yet requesting.


Orders will start shipping out on Wed or Thurs (waiting for nice shipping cartons to arrive!)

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology
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CEM Chip Availability  14 March 1997


The following parts are offered for sale in order to fund the
re-issue of the CEM3340 and 3310. If enough of these existing
inventory parts are sold, the 3340 will be made available in
mid-summer with UNLIMITED quantities. Then, proceeds from the
3340 sale will fund the mask set for the 3310, and possibly one
other chip (3328 or maybe 3394).

Data sheets for these devices, as well as other interesting
synthesizer info is available at the CEM website:


Lastly: people have been asking about the SSM chips, and if
they can be reissued. We are undertaking steps to try to see
if this is possible. However, at this point is is unlikely.


The following parts are priced as follows:

2-3       $15   <<<NOTE: 2 is the minimum order <<<
4-9       $14
10-49     $13.25
50-75     $12.75
75+       Send email to synth1 at airmail.net for pricing.
          Indicate chip and quantity

Any of these chips can be mixed to get the quantity prices.

CEM3350   Dual VCF
CEM3360   Dual VCA (short supply!)
CEM3365   Dual DAC Multiplier
CEM3371   uP Waveform Generator
CEM3372   uP Signal Generator
CEM3374   Dual VCO
CEM3378   Voltage Controlled Signal Processor (VCSP)
CEM3379   VCSP
CEM3381   Dual Low Noise VCA
CEM3382   Dual Low Noise VCA
CEM3387   Low Noise VCSP
CEM3389   VCSP
CEM3396   uP Controlled Dual Waveform Converter
CEM5510   Octal Sample and Hold

The following chip is available for $10 at ANY quantity.

CEM3320  VCF

The following chips are not planned to be offered (sorry, gone forever!):

CEM3330	 Dual VCA
CEM3391	 uP Controlled Dynamic Signal Processor
CEM3394	 uP Controlled Synthesizer on a Chip

The following are not CURRENTLY available

CEM3310	 Envelope Generator
CEM3328	 4 pole Lowpass Filter
CEM3340	 VCO

There is a chance I will have 175 3340's for sale beginning May 1st.
Please check the website at


for information as it develops.


Please read all of these rules carefully

1)  Order by mail only. Please DO NOT email me with an order. 

2)  Payment for US orders: U.S. Postal Money Order only. Available at any
Post Office. All US orders includes FREE shipping.
Texas residents: please add Sales Tax.

Foreign orders: please send Money Order or Bank Draft in US Dollars only.
Foreign orders please add $7 shipping fee for <50 chips.
All orders over 50 chips FREE shipping.	Get together with your friends!

If there are customs/duty fees involved, you will be notified by email.
Please check local requirements.

3)  Please include your email address and postal address! I will send you an
email the day I receive the order, and the day I ship the order.

4)  Send your order & payment to:

Paul Schreiber
4320 North Beltline #A112
Irving, TX  75038

EMAIL:  synth1 at airmail.net

This mail address will change on April 10.

5)  All chips are unused, in ESD shipping. They are 100% tested and guaranteed.
However, if you feel you have a defective device, send email with: 

request rma

in the Subject box for instructions.

6)  Orders of 50 chips or more will be sent by UPS, DHL, or other method 
which is trackable. Please note US post is NOT trackable. This requires
a street address, not a PO BOX.

Thank you for this request!

Paul Schreiber

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