ASM-1 Life

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Wed Mar 19 20:03:24 CET 1997

     Yes - there should be no crosstalk between modules. No adjustment on 
     anything other than the tuning pots should alter VCO pitch, for 
     Cheapo ceramic bypass caps should be OK, I think, I'm not really up on 
     cap theory right now... anybody have comments?
     Another thing I forgot to add before - beware of crosstalk between 
     in/out signals if you use ribbon cable to go between the PCB and the 
     front panel! It's hard to resist using ribbon cable, because it cleans 
     up the rat's nest considerably, but it has much crosstalk potential. I 
     don't know what your situation is, but do be on the lookout for this, 
     even with individual wires.
     - Gene
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Subject: Re: ASM-1 Life
Author:  Dave Fulton <dfulton at> at ccrelayout
Date:    3/19/97 10:51 AM
No current adjustment. And the ASM draws the specified amount of current 
(or close to it) from both supplies.
I just used small hook up wire until I was done with the bench testing, I 
will attempt to swap them out with some larger wire.
Yes,& this might be where I screwed myself. I used cheap .1uf 50V ceramic 
caps for bypass purposes only. I think this is unlikely but possible. 
I take it to mean that any amount of crosstalk between modules is not the 
norm & all could be removed?
I bussed the wiring between the PCB & Panel(so that it looks neat). It 
is possible that I am getting small amounts of crosstalk just within the 

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