broken efx

john miller moron5000 at
Tue Mar 18 21:48:35 CET 1997

In my search for synth parts I have picked up a few guitar pedals I
wanted to use in my setup but they have a few problems.
The first one is a Dan Armstrong "Yellow Humper" (sounds disgusting but I
think it's just a simple fixed filter) that has had the wires on the male
plug and the 9 volt battery plug yanked. I've tried to figure out what
goes where but with no luck. If some one has one and could check for me
I'd appreciate it. The wires seem to be color coded but the p.c. board
doesn't have any markings.

The other two I have are Electro Harmonix Memory Man's , one's a PLUS and
the other standard. The difference is one uses's SAD1024's and the other
MN series BBD's. The problem with these is the delay seems kinda
distorted on the output. I have tried adjusting the clock frequency but
that seems to make it worse. If any one knows if there are schematics on
the web for these or has any suggestions on how to trouble shoot let me

Sorry for the non-synth nature of this but I think the delays would sound
great on an analog synth, or just noisy and distorted!

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