Juno 106 Question

Wilfred Chia wilfred at swiftech.com.sg
Tue Mar 18 04:56:16 CET 1997

Tomy Hudson wrote:
> bram bos wrote:
> >
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I have a lil' question...
> > I just bought a Juno-106... But sometimes (about one in 10) of
> > the notes sounds dirty or just weak. Is this a known "feature" of
> > the Juno, or do I have a blown DCO or something ?
> >
> > GRTZ,
> >
> > Bram Bos
> You probably have one voice bad. I have the same problem w/ my 106.
> Only mine sounds louder and more raspy, like its missing high pass
> filtering. In mine it is voice six, and due to the voice assignment
> algorithm, rarely gets used. In Poly-I mode, assignment is
> round-robin, except once a voice is assigned to a key, it is always
> used for that key.
> Try playing a note, and without releasing play a second and hold,
> third, etc. This will let you know which voice is screwed up.
> I haven't gotten around to fixing mine, I just use Poly-II mode,
> which favors reassigning lower numbered voices, and never play
> more than five notes at a time :-)
> Tomy


I have a Juno 106 with the same problem as Bram. It's 6 note polyphonic
but sometimes, only 5 notes are playable, the 6th note seems cracky or
dirty. I've tried replacing the fuses for the input power from the
transformer to the PCBs in the Juno but it doesn't help. Guess this is
the 106's bug !


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