CEM Chips are now offered for Sale!

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Fri Mar 14 22:43:59 CET 1997

I have finialized an agreement with OnChip (formally Curtis Electromusic) to offer certain CEM chips for sale. All proceeds from this sale will go toward the mask set for the 3340 VCO chip reissue.


1) If you need data sheets, or to check to see which chip is in your synth, please check the website at:


2) To request a list of currently available chips and their prices, please send email to:

synth1 at airmail.net

with the words: request cemlist

in the subject box.

3) Terms of sale

a) all chips new in factory tubes or ESD packaging.
b) US sales are by US Postal Money order only. No cash, credit, checks.
c) Foreign sales are by money order in US Dolllars only.

Please read the cemlist document carefully for details.

Until April 10, please send orders to 

Paul Schreiber
4320 North Beltline #A112
Irving, TX  75038

I will be getting a PO box after that date.

Please DO NOT order by email.

4) To check status of an order, send email to synth1 at airmail.net with

request order status

in the Subject.

Thanks for your support! Let's try to reissue the 3340 ASAP!

Paul Schreiber

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