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Fri Mar 14 03:53:16 CET 1997

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<<  >> I though about how one might do this using analog circuitry or
  >> discrete logic, but to me the problem just seems to lend itself to a
  >> microprocessor design.
  >> So, the question is: how would it be possible to implement this 
  >> randomness feature using analog and/or discrete logic?
sorry, a machine is incapable of true randomness.
though i am not very knowledgeable in synthesizer electronic related
matters, i do know a great deal of algebraic/program function logic
A computer can't create a value without some sort of system of generation.
some machines with complex systems can create the illusion
of randomness, which is, i suppose, what you are looking for,
however a computer/machine can not create a number from nothing.
there is no mathematical way to generate a random number,
thats all psychological
randomness in computer terms just means that the system of
generation is arbitrary or unknown.

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