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joseph s ramstrom Joseph.S.Ramstrom-1 at
Thu Mar 13 16:49:53 CET 1997

Hello I've been lurking for about 2weeks and I believe this list is what I 
need.  I am an EE student at U of Minnesota.  I've been into building small 
projects for about 3years begining with some tab books I found at the 
library.  I've got a couple projects going and I got a question.
  I'm looking at building a ladder vcf and am thinking about using the 
mar96 Elec musicians altered moog filter( they essentially adjusted to 12v) 
I want some opinions about this filter if anyone has seen it and also about 
the filter on rick's page If its better I'd like to know.
also on the filter ladder the resistors that step the voltage for each set 
of bjt's I am wondering what would happen if I used sloppy 
resistors(5-10%)i'm guessing that this would create uneven haqrmonic 
amplitude.  If not what does it do to have uneven voltage steps through the 
  ANother project I have Is a moog that I found at a garage sale.  It is a 
MOOG/NORLAN CDX-0-652 sn?4tt (Q or O) 26 (T or I)BA470.  Its a big unit 
with two keyboards and a percusion module.   anyway I need schems on it 
because a rat made a home out of it and raised a family.  So the major 
damage is chewed wires; the boards and chips all look good (no physical 
damage) .  I haven't plugged it in yet and don't plan to until I remove the 
power supply and make sure that it is ok first.

OK I look forward to some good discussions on the list.
        Joe Ramstrom  :[] 

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