old CEM chips

brad sanders brad.sanders at circellar.com
Thu Mar 13 16:18:17 CET 1997

I'm in the process of putting together an actual synth using my own
MIDI controlled wavetable VCO/ADSR/LFO chip, and am wondering if it
would be worthwhile to try locating some CEM3372s? This looks like the
perfect chip for my application, but would it perform any better than
a more serviceable 2 chip solution (using two LM13600s)?

I'd like comments from someone who's heard (or built) both versions.
I've never put together a filter out of chips before and am concerened
about it lacking in warmth and "juice." I don't remember those old
Prophets having the "oomph" of Minis, and so far as I know this is my
only experience with a synth based on CEM chips (besides tinkering on
a PolyMoog - and that was YEARS ago).

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and start putting together ladder
filters? Problem is I'm planning to put together a couple dozen of
these, and every part saved really counts.

Perhaps I should first find out if I can even get'em. Anyone have a
couple dozen CEM3372s? How much?

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