Wavetable Editors (was Re: waveforms)

Martin Czech martin.czech at itt-sc.de
Thu Mar 13 08:06:25 CET 1997

> << I have only the microwave, so I wrote a prg for the atari computer,
>  to generate wavetables (61 waves, each 2*64 Byte long) out of
>  short samples (1-3 seconds). Now the microwave can speak
>  to me in chords ! 
>   >>
> I am very interested in your program and would perhaps port it on IBM PCs if
> nobody had done it yet. Did you have some documentation about wavetables and
> where did you get it from? Would you like to share the programm? And, in
> common, are there other programms out for editing wavetables on your own. I
> guess the emagic sounddiver could do it, anybody experience with it?

ok, repeat message for all:

> Martin, could you give us more info about microwave wavetables ? I've
> been trying to figure that out for so long !! 

What do you need ? I've got no Hex-Dump or so (up to this moment).
But I've plugged a Scope into the wave to see what's happening.
And I compared that with my own computed waves, which I downloaded.
Also, I had a look at the wave display of the "Geerdes Microwave Editor".
A friend of mine programmed this, he must have some of the wave table bytes.
I could ask him if you're really interested.
Please say what you want.
Can take a while.
I'm talking about the newest eprom edition of the "old" microwave.
I think it is Firmware Release 2.0 or so (together with UPAW).

Be warned : I'm a lazy programmer. This is a .ttp style c-prg, no mouse, no
windows etc. The program output is in the "geerdes microwave editor"
format, I load the data into that editor first, then I dump it into the synth.
This could be changed however.
Best would be, to port it to IBM/windows (speed).

I looked for somebody who could write a gui arround it, but nobody
was interested. Could we work together ?
I could look at my code to optimize that (there's overhead),
could you do the gui (not much, fileselektor box, some radio buttons).
I could implement a direct dump into the wave.

Speech : Yes, it is possible to load a short sentence :
         example :
         "und es wahr reiner Zufall"
         "and it was only good luck"
         Taken from the tv news, edited with cheap 8 bit atari sampler
         (galactic). Now my routine chops the thing into 61 windows,
         does fft (slow !) , and recomputes a symmetric equivalent wave for
         each window. If the 61 waves are played at original sweep
         speed, the speech is god enough/vocoderish. 
         Of course : hiss und buzz sounds will not be that good due
         to the repeated waves.
         At lower sweep speed you hear clicking artefacts and roughness
         up to the point wher you can't understand a word.
         But it's fun.
         Play with words, forward backwards, scratch with midi control.


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