303 flames and lost record deals

Robert Brzykcy cyborg0 at midwest.net
Thu Mar 13 06:24:16 CET 1997

      cant ne1 have a CIVIL convo bout the 303?? if u want a war
join the army, i did MY time in it.... some of you got 
some shit to work out, maybe playing with grenade launchers
and getting some time to look at your mortality will 
make you quit being little shitheads. 
You ppl know who you are.. 
All i wanna hear is technical jargon, i could REALLY CARE
I make music for myself, not for some asshole rave 
promoter or sum punkass kid with big clothes or sum
record company, and if the like or dislike the 303, to hell
with them in either case, i just want to talk about it, not 
worship it....
I just thought the sound and the schematics are interesting,
and i think all who want one should be able to GET one, without
some dics trying to sell theirs for 900+ dollars a piece so they
can o.d. on fukin heroin with the money or whatever...
 the 909 is ALMOST as bad...and when i find the schematics for 
those, i will give it a shot TOO! 
Yknow, i guess im just pissd, cuz when i sent in my tape to 
a record company that shall remain nameless, they called
me back and askd me bout my gear. The first thing they 
asked was "you got the standard 303 - 909 setup or what?"
i said " well, who cares?!?!" and they were like, well we really
are looking for a certain sound blab blabllalbabb, and well call
you later.....
 famous last words....
rob01     : / .....

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