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What you guys are describing Bernie Hutchins did 15 years ago. I will have to dig out the exact Electronotes, but he had "Voltage Controlled Probability" for the output that would go from accurate to white noise and all points in between.

Paul Schreiber

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Josh says randomly-

>I though about how one might do this using analog circuitry or
>discrete logic, but to me the problem just seems to lend itself to a
>microprocessor design.

>So, the question is: how would it be possible to implement this 
>randomness feature using analog and/or discrete logic?

I've always wondered about how to get true randomness out of a wholly digital
machine based on 1's and 0's. Is it really possible or will a pattern
eventually evolve.
Back in the days of the Apple II, I would look thru a rom and xor it with
other data like the game port and cassette input. 

The idea I've settled on now is to take an analog noise source and feed it to
an ADC.


"Always put outputs to inputs and inputs to outputs. Putting outputs to
outputs and inputs to inputs just won't get you anywhere you want to go."

                        -From the Moog Modular Owner's manual

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