pricey pots, etc...

[22Hz] Productions aphex at
Thu Mar 13 05:37:58 CET 1997

On Wed, 12 Mar 1997 POLARIS at VAX1.Mankato.MSUS.EDU wrote:

> Actually, I've seen servo pots for less in surplus catalogs (Electronic
> Goldmine, for example.) In any case, yes the idea is zany, but IMHO, that's
> part of what this whole modular thing's about.  The most logical solution
> is not always the most interesting, fun, personally challenging, etc, etc..
> Yes, digital would be the way to go, no doubt..if A) I were designing
> commercial equipment instead of roll-your-own and B) If I knew the first
> thing about digital design ! :>  Somehow, the vision of pressing a key
> and watching the dial on the sequencer tune itself is too compelling
> to forget (allthough it will probably not ever be built, sigh....)

	I'd fork over the money for 8 servo pots and make a little loop 
sequencer out of them, if someone else engineered it. (sorry, not my 
territiry =)) I guess the weirder it is the better, and it's worth extra 
cash for being zany. I'd do it in a heartbeat (or a paycheck). It would 
be especially useful to enter in a sequence, note by note, and then tweak 
it manually on the pots, or inversely. Dial in a sequence and tune it 
more or less perfectly by entering in the notes from a synth. (manually 
quantising). That would keep the design free of nasty auto-quantised 
voltages for its more oddly-incluned users, who would *like* completely 
continuous voltage control... Is this whole thing actually feasable? (not 
considering cost..) I'm wanting one already. 


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