Sequencer quandry, etc....

Josh Rowe JROWE at
Thu Mar 13 05:06:16 CET 1997

Well, as theory, that seems a cool idea.  The sad reality is that the 
only servo pots I have seen (in Mouser's catalog) are something $10 
each.  Although it I was rich, I would only use servo pots!


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> Subject:       Sequencer quandry, etc....
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> Well, there have been some interesting comments on my original question
> (at least before the list pulled a Dr. Who) which got me thinking some more
> (oh no!:)   On the problem of sample droop: one idea I like was the "refresh
> the value each time the sequence cycles" idea, but I can't think just now
> how this would be done.  Soooo....How about this:  Servo Pots.  You press
> a a key, the pot dials in the value, and voila!, infinite analog memory!
> Dave
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