Sequencer quandry, etc....

Ken Stone sasami at
Thu Mar 13 04:58:45 CET 1997

>Well, there have been some interesting comments on my original question
>(at least before the list pulled a Dr. Who) which got me thinking some more
>(oh no!:)   On the problem of sample droop: one idea I like was the "refresh
>the value each time the sequence cycles" idea, but I can't think just now
>how this would be done.  Soooo....How about this:  Servo Pots.  You press
>a a key, the pot dials in the value, and voila!, infinite analog memory!

Seriously, if you want to do this, digital is the way to go. Roland had a
sequencer that worked this way back in the early eighties. Basically it
could be done with an AtoD into RAM then back out via a DtoA to play your
synth. Addressing could be handled by a counter. Battery backup on the RAM
would take care of holding the info between uses.

The obvious next step is to go to microcomputer. I had something similar
running with my roland back in '86, the only exception being I was scanning
my keyboard digitally rather than using an AtoD because the Roland
electronics had died.



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