re-coding Synth ROMs ???

Dale Einarson einarson at
Thu Mar 13 02:09:54 CET 1997

        Just as note the Z80H is a 8mhz chip you might change the clock, or
no?  I am not familiar with the device.

Dale Einarson

>>>    I've seen various people discussing third-party software upgrades
>>> for old synths (ie Encore Electronics).... how do people go about working
>>> out what the code does?
>>> I ask because I'd really like to modify the
>>> behaviour of my OSCar (give it a better MIDI spec etc.).
>Yeah  I considered doing this one too. I even went as far as taking a dump
>of the OSCar ROM and starting to disassemble it.
>The OSCar is Z80 powered, and the more I disassembled the more I thought
>that all the things I'd like to add were going to be too demanding on the
>CPU time. Remember also that the OSCar went through several major ROM
>updates, so I guess the code in there is reasonably bug free ? I've not
>spotted any bugs, and I know several areas were optimised in later revisions.

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