More listserv booboo's

Rick Jansen sscprick at
Wed Mar 12 22:41:42 CET 1997

In message <199703121614.AAA04667 at> you write:
> Well I for one am getting many blank posts like the one below.

The empty-mail problem is caused by a mailer with a memory
leak problem, which is being fixed at the moment. It was
hoped that a memory upgrade had helped, but apparently that
wasn't enough.

> What kinda server is this list being run from? A VIC-20?

It's a majordomo list, and free. So far I'd say problems
have been solved relatively quickly. 

The date on your machine seems to be January 1 1996 by the way. 
You mailing from a PET or something like that?

Rick Jansen
rick at
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