re-coding Synth ROMs ???

Stuart Robertson stuart at
Wed Mar 12 21:43:17 CET 1997

>>    I've seen various people discussing third-party software upgrades
>> for old synths (ie Encore Electronics).... how do people go about working
>> out what the code does?
>> I ask because I'd really like to modify the
>> behaviour of my OSCar (give it a better MIDI spec etc.).
Yeah  I considered doing this one too. I even went as far as taking a dump
of the OSCar ROM and starting to disassemble it.
The OSCar is Z80 powered, and the more I disassembled the more I thought
that all the things I'd like to add were going to be too demanding on the
CPU time. Remember also that the OSCar went through several major ROM
updates, so I guess the code in there is reasonably bug free ? I've not
spotted any bugs, and I know several areas were optimised in later revisions.

Of course it depends what you want to do to it.

Writing your own code is easy, taking apart other peoples is the tricky bit
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