Wavetable Editors (was Re: waveforms)

MKTSteiner at aol.com MKTSteiner at aol.com
Wed Mar 12 19:43:24 CET 1997

Martin Czech wrote:

<< I have only the microwave, so I wrote a prg for the atari computer,
 to generate wavetables (61 waves, each 2*64 Byte long) out of
 short samples (1-3 seconds). Now the microwave can speak
 to me in chords ! 

I am very interested in your program and would perhaps port it on IBM PCs if
nobody had done it yet. Did you have some documentation about wavetables and
where did you get it from? Would you like to share the programm? And, in
common, are there other programms out for editing wavetables on your own. I
guess the emagic sounddiver could do it, anybody experience with it?


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