Modulated waveform idea (second try, may have been blank last time)

Kimmo Koli kimmo at
Wed Mar 12 11:43:41 CET 1997

as I was reading the posts regarding different waveforms I came up with
this idea for a voltage controlled waveform generator:
- make two sub-oscillators with flip-flops using the pulse-width modulated
  VCO output:
	- first FF is rising edge triggered
        - second FF is falling edge triggered
- these two signals are the used to gate an other waveform
  (saw/triangle/sine...)  on or off and the resulting waveforms are summed
  or subtracted and various varying waveforms results  
- additional variation can be added by controlling the DC-level of the
  signal off situation.

All you should need is a dual CMOS FF, a 4066 and one or more opamps plus
the passive thuff to add two or three more pots to tweak.

Maybe somebody has tried this already...
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