4046 PLL and Differential Amp question

Martin Czech martin.czech at itt-sc.de
Wed Mar 12 08:20:48 CET 1997

> One of the failings of using a 4046 PLL as a frequency multiplier is
> that it's output is square.  I have an idea to get at least one more
> waveform out of it.

Ok, why not using an external VCO together with the 4046 phase comparator.
Somebody reported some time ago that this works pretty good, even
if the ext. VCO is exponential. The waveforms may be a bit distorted, 
due to the  permanent phase modulation.

Why not using a cheap linear integrator/comparator vco (tri,sqa),
like the old Formant VCLFOs (also saw by chopping tri with sqa).
Any experiences with such a cheap solution out there ?


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