Digisound vs Formant

Paul Schreiber paults at why.net
Wed Mar 12 02:42:01 CET 1997

1) If anyone has built or used these please email me.
2) I have the Formant docs, but no Digisound. Many folks have suggested that a modular, updated with CEM chips and others, would be nice to play with. Since I have a full-tilt boogie CAD system (FPGA, PCB, and AutoCAD) I would be interested in getting the docs (you can use my Fed-X number for shipping, and FREE CEM chips as payment) and seeing what I can do. For example I have TONS of 3374 Dual VCOs, which are the EXACT same circuit as the 3340 (we all know about that problem). So I could redo the VCO modules (hey, make 'em all Dual VCO modules), stuff like that.

Any volunteers??? Let me know!

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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