The Internet Gear Wanted List

Mark Pulver mpulver at
Sun Mar 9 17:14:56 CET 1997

This is a note to keep remind everyone that the Internet Gear Wanted List, which used to be published in email text form, is up and online on the Web.

This is a list of gear (synths and effects modules) that people are *LOOKING* for along with contact information and what folks are looking to pay.

If *YOU* have a piece of gear that you're looking to sell, you may want to check the Gear Wanted List first for a quick sale.

The list is updated quite regularly, be sure to check back from time-to-time when looking for a buyer.

Instructions for using the page are at this URL as well, along with information on making submissions to the Gear Wanted List.

Questions comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Mark Pulver

 Mark Pulver -    The "Son of The MIDI Wall"
     *** Internet Gear Wanted List is online! {home}/gwlist.html ***

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