Saul Stokes n9540283 at gonzo.cc.wwu.edu
Wed Mar 12 03:43:01 CET 1997

	Poly-carbonate is a great plastic (it protects all of our
government officials from bullets!) but its bad side is that it scratches
really easy. This could be a problem when using it for faceplates. 


Dale Said:

        For those of you who need face plates that look good.  there is a 
called poly-carbonate (euphonix calls it Lexxan).  you can make any 
design/picture, colour or not!  Very cool, "photo quality", I think!

        PROS:  Doesn't wear off, Looks better than standard face plates, 
any picture can be used,  Provides; easy to make custom markings. Has a 

        CONS:  Ones it has been damaged ( stretched) it will never be new 
again.  It is poly-carbon thus is does not have the 3-D of  etched face 

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