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Tue Mar 11 23:09:01 CET 1997

Martin Czech wrote:
> So one can change the characteristic from hard sync (window wide open,
> always sync) to "soft" sync (window small and near max{saw}), and
> all in between.

I've done this digitally, and it sounds good.  If you set up a complex
or inharmonic ratio and slowly sweep the sync hardness, you can hear
the slave osc dancing between harmonics, locking more and more tightly.

> is toggled by the sync pulse. The CEM oscs had this feature 
> but they could not "jump" to a sync level instead.

One day I'll find a PC oscilloscope program that actually works, and
figure out what the three matrix-6 sync modes really mean.

> Now I've got a saw osc with very flexible sync options (did I forget
> any sync option ?),

There's the initial-phase control I mentioned in response to the
skip-tooth saw message.  And a more directly related option would be
single-cycle sync: a switch to disallow free running of the slave

Somebody mentioned, I think on AH, the idea of a mixed sync source.
The sync streams would be ORed together... I'd love to try playing
power chords into that.

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