Berenger Enselme benselme at imaginet.fr
Tue Mar 11 19:46:17 CET 1997

hi DIYer's

Martin Czech wrote:

> What Kyle wanted is going more or less into a wavetable design, isn't
it ?
> If you take a look at PPG and microwave and wave you'll find
> lots of FM tables, synced saw tables, waveshaped tables (tri2sin
> and some FFT tables out of natural samples.
> I have only the microwave, so I wrote a prg for the atari computer,
> to generate wavetables (61 waves, each 2*64 Byte long) out of
> short samples (1-3 seconds). Now the microwave can speak
> to me in chords !
> m.c.

Martin, could you give us more info about microwave wavetables ? I've
been trying to figure that out for so long !! Is it actually possible to
play (small) samples through this synth ?

Thank you

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