Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Sun Mar 9 14:49:32 CET 1997

Victor wrote....
>>I'm a new subscriber to the synth-diy list.
>>I'm looking for an integrated circuit, the (RCA) CA 3094. 
>>It's an old dual in line (plastic case) transconductance op-amp.
>>I need TEN or, at least FIVE of them.
>>Anybody knows where can I buy them?  I'll send you cash $$$ in exchange
>>for them.  Thank you.
The CA3094AE is available from Farnell Components for 1.7 UKP each 
plus tax and shipping. If you get 25 they drop to 1.13 UKP each. I 
don't know if they have Italian office but they do take credit card 
orders over 10 UKP, and they are on +44 113 263 6311.
BTW it's part number in their catalogue is CA3094AE and they list it 
as new o the current catalogue. 

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