AW: Sequencer idea/quandry

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Tue Mar 11 14:50:00 CET 1997

> Would it be reasonably feasable to construct a sequencer that was a series
> of sample-and-holds, so that one could step through the sequence entering
> notes directly from a keyboard instead of dialing in pots?

Serge have a clever unit called Analogue Shift Register.
Not exactly what you described, but similar.
I have built my own version of such an ASR (no idea how Serge have
implemented it). My version can be found at

Someone (Gene? Joachim?) has built another version with a shift register
for clock propagation, which is the better solution, IMO.
So just take my circuit as an idea for own experiments.
It's important to propagate the clock from right to left, while the
is propagated from left to right, for obvious reasons.
Capacitors will loose some of their charge over time, of course. If you
want infinite hold times, ADC/LATCH/DAC is the way to go.
For a few minutes holt time, my circuit works fine.


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