analog storage sequencers

brad sanders brad.sanders at
Tue Mar 11 05:32:59 CET 1997

"Dave" sez...

Would it be reasonably feasable to construct a sequencer that was a
series of sample-and-holds, so that one could step through the
sequence entering notes directly from a keyboard instead of dialing in


Hey, y'know what? This might be a PERFECT application of those ISD
"analog EEPROMs" we were talking about the other day. They have
roughly 6 bits accuracy (enough to do v/oct tracking) and an external
clock (some of'em). They also store from 20 seconds to FOUR MINUTES of
"analog," and even have up to 16 individually addressable "banks" (for
example, sixteen 1 second "clips").

So, effectively you could have not only a sequencer, but even MIDI
like abilities - and all in "analog." Put together a bank of'em and
you could do multi track recording/playback over your modular.

And it's even "non-volatile!"

(Big "Merv" grin)   "Ooooohhh...!"

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