Common waveforms in synths, pic->wav, MIDI2CV8 power req?

[22Hz] Productions aphex at
Tue Mar 11 00:54:34 CET 1997

On Mon, 10 Mar 1997, Soundwave [Chad Gould] wrote:

> 2) I tend to like LEDs on modules - not only because they provide
> diagnostic information but also because they look neat. (: Any tips on
> hooking up LEDs to the ASM-1?

	Make sure they're blue. Blue ones do look neat!

> 3) In the past, I've found soldering ICs to be a major pain. Any general
> tips on soldering ICs other than "go to it and good luck?" 

	Sockets, sockets, sockets, sockets, sockets. A little pricey but 
on any IC that costs more than a socket to replace, use a socket. Has 
saved me mind many a time. Actually, I've only soldered about 5 ICs, 2 
w/o sockets, but that's enough to tell a difference. Pull sockets out of 
dead gear like I did and it's pretty affordable. 

	(I'll even send you a lot - ask if you want) 


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