Common waveforms in synths, pic->wav, MIDI2CV8 power req?

Soundwave [Chad Gould] cgould at
Mon Mar 10 21:49:12 CET 1997

> other than square, triangle, & sawtooth, are their any other waveforms
> that are commonly used in synthesizers?  I'm trying to come up with a
> couple single cycle waveforms to use in a digital synth design.  A 
> frequency modulated sine, perhaps?

Square/pulse, triangle, sawtooth, and sine are the four big waveforms
for synths... they're the easiest electrically to do. The rest are all
pretty uncommon...

Speaking of waveforms, does anyone know of any picture (ie PCX) -> WAV
converter? I was thinking of doing a piece with weird waveforms (ie,
hexagons, pyramids, sine/triangle hybrids), and something that is able
to convert a picture (like something done into Paintbrush) into a sound
file would be perfect. I was going to program my own if none were
available, but if something is, I'll use that instead. (: 

Also, another question... This summer I might actually find the time to
assemble the ASM-1... I was actually thinking of getting the PAIA
MIDI2CV8 unit and a standalone power supply, building a nice sized
wooden case, and housing all three units in the same case, with MIDI
jacks in the back, the CV outputs of the PAIA unit going out to the
front panel in the front (which I already have from Chris List, not sure
where I'll put the jacks though! (: Possibly on the scale portion of the
plate, I'm not sure I'll use that feature), and route the 1/4 inch
output from VCA #1 to the back for a nice self-contained semi-modular


1) One power supply should be able to handle the MIDI2CV8 and the ASM-1,
right? If so, any power supply recommendations? 

2) I tend to like LEDs on modules - not only because they provide
diagnostic information but also because they look neat. (: Any tips on
hooking up LEDs to the ASM-1?

3) In the past, I've found soldering ICs to be a major pain. Any general
tips on soldering ICs other than "go to it and good luck?" 

Any other tips would be appreciated. Sorry for the long message, but I
had a lot to cover. (:

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