Fatman problem

John Polischuk polisch at bustoff.bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 10 16:00:31 CET 1997


I'm new to analogue gear and DIY projects.  I recently just finished 
putting together the Paia Fatman as my first project.  Everything seemed 
to go together fine and I didn't have any soldering problems however I'm 
having a hard time getting it working and was looking for some help 
trouble shooting.  The unit powers up fine but there is a steady drone 
coming out of the output once it's hooked up to the amp.  Sometimes when 
I turn it on the light next to the gate which indicates a note is being 
pressed and held comes on even when there is no MIDI attatchment.  I've 
traced all my connections and there doesn't seem to be anything out of 
place.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  


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