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Mon Mar 10 03:26:04 CET 1997

At 02:09 AM 3/9/97 -0000, Paul Schreiber wrote:
>Several people send me email last month assisting in the idex of "synth to
CEM chip". Here is what I need:

>I need the exact CEM chip count in these machines. Many said "I think blah
blah blah is in their somewhere..." but I would like to have an accurate count.
>I have info on the Siel DK600, which is SSM only. If somebody has a count
of SSM on Prophet 5 R 1 & 2, please send it in.
>I also was told some Roland equipment had CEM. Any ideas??
>If I've left out others, let me know. The list will be at the site as soon
as you folks send the info.

The sum total of the world's synth knowledge lays buried in the Analogue
Heaven archives.  The trick is finding it.  For every one post that drops
knowledge, there are a hundred confabulator posts.  Here is a nugget from
the past (Mr-808's final gift to AH):

                                    CHIPSET FAQ

This is a partial list of analogue and analogue/digital synthesizers which
have major sections of their circuitry integrated onto a chip.  Curtis
Electro Music (CEM) and Solid State Music (SSM) were major manufacturers of
these chips; various synth manufacturers also made chips for their own
synths.  DISCRETE means that this section of the circuit was constructed
using discrete components.  DCO designates a Digitally Controlled
Oscillator, and CPU means that the envelopes are generated by the

Mfr/Model       #Vox    VCO             VCF             ENV             VCA

AX-80             6     DISCRETE        CEM3372(2p/LPF) DISCRETE        CEM3372

Modularkonzept    X     CEM3340         CEM3320         CEM3310         CA3080

MS-10             1     DISCRETE        Korg-IC-35      DISCRETE        DISCRETE

MS-20             1     DISCRETE        Korg-IC-35(x2)  DISCRETE        DISCRETE

770S              1     DISCRETE        Keio-IC-(#?)    DISCRETE        DISCRETE

Poly6             6     DISCRETE        SSM2044(1p/LPF) SSM2056         DISCRETE

Mono/Poly     1/2/4     SSM2033(x4)     SSM2044         DISCRETE        DISCRETE

Memorymoog        6     CEM3340(x3)     DISCRETE        ?               CEM3360

SEM/n-voice     1/n     DISCRETE        CA3080(x2)      DISCRETE        CA3080

OB-X              ?     CA3086          CEM3320         CEM3310(x2)

OB-Xa         4/6/8     CEM3340(x2)     CEM3320(x2)     CEM3310(x2)     CEM3360

OB-SX             ?     CEM3340(x2)     CEM3320         CEM3310(x2)     CEM3360

OB-8              8     CEM3340(x2)     CEM3320         CEM3310(x2)     CEM3360

Xpander/M12     6/12    CEM3374         CEM3372         CPU             CEM3372

Matrix 6/6R/1000  6     CEM3396         CEM3396         CPU             CEM3396

Proteus           1     CEM3340(x2)     CEM3320         CEM3310         CEM3330

Chroma          8/16    DISCRETE        CEM3350         CPU             CEM3360

Polaris           6     CEM3374         CEM3372         CPU             CEM3372

Juno106/MKS-7     6     DCO             A1QH80017       CPU

Jupiter6          6     CEM3340(x2)     IR3109          CPU             CEM3360

JX-8P             6     DCO(x2)         IR3R05          CPU

JX-10/MKS-70     12     DCO(x2)         IR3R05          CPU

MC-202            1     CEM3340(x1)     IR3109          DISCRETE        BA662

SH-101            1     CEM3340(x1)     IR3109          DISCRETE        BA662

SH-7              1     DISCRETE        CA3080(x4)      DISCRETE        CA3080

P-5 (Rev.1/2)     5     SSM2030(x2)     SSM2040         SSM2050         SSM2020

P-5 (Rev.3)       5     CEM3340(x2)     CEM3320         CEM3310(x2)     CA3280

DK600             ?     DISCRETE(x2)    SSM2044         SSM2056         SSM?

Syrinx            1     CEM3340(x2)     CEM3350(x2)     ???             ???


MicroWave         8     DCO             CEM3389         CPU             CEM3389

CS-5              1     IG00153/58      IG00156         DISCRETE        IG00151

CS-15             1     IG00153/58(x2)  IG00156         DISCRETE        IG00151

CS-50             4     IG00153/58      IG00156         IG00152/59      IG00151

CS-60             4     IG00153/58(x2)  IG00156(x2)     IG00152/59      IG00151

CS-80             8     IG00153/58(x2)  IG00156(x2)     IG00152/59      IG00151

??? (Some German manufacturer, related to Synthesizerstudio Bonn)

Banana            6 (?)  CEM3320        SSM2044         SSM2056(?)      ???

Contributors: Damien Miller, Matt Haines, Juergen Haible, LarryC283, Cord
Mueller, Christopher List, MR-808


Some of what you need can be gleaned from this FAQ, by multiplying the # of
voices by the number of chips.  In a few cases, there are more chips than
inidicated - for instance, I _believe_ the MemoryMoog has something like
36(!) CEM3360s in it.

I would love to see this FAQ added to and updated.  There are some pretty
serious holes in it, especially with Sequential products.  Paul, perhaps you
could combine what you have with this to include even more info.

Synthcom Systems, Inc.

Synths as furniture?  Let's ask Kraftwerk: "America is very shy when it
comes to electronics.  People have all the latest state-of-the-art
technology, and yet they put wood panels on the front to help them feel
comfortable.  Or they develop new plastics and try to imitate the appearance
of wood.  They use modern technology to try to recreate the Middle Ages.
This is stupid."  Thanks Ralf - my sentiments exactly!
I'll be painting my MiniMoog black now...

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