Bad news everyone. :(

Ric Miller rmiller at
Sun Mar 9 22:09:37 CET 1997

I'm sorry guys for posting this to the mailing lists publicly, but it's the
best way that I'll be able to let everyone who's important to me know this:

My mother just passed away yesterday.  (The last of my 2 parents.)  :(  I've
just been informed of this by her caretaking home.  I don't know how this will
affect my work for the next few days, but it will probably not be very good.

In the work regard for those that are waiting:

- I do not have my printer repaired yet, all catalog requests (15 of them) will
be at least another 2 weeks before they are printed and sent out
- Darwin, the remainder of your synth was shipped, by air, yesterday
- Eric, your PAiA keyboard was shipped, by air, yesterday
- Vince, Roy and Mike - your synth modules will be on hold for a least a few
days while everything is done for my mum's passing, and while I work out the
emotions over it.
- Everything else is now on hold.

Once again, I'm sorry for the public post.  But it's much faster for me than
typing out the individual messages.

Aural Research Facilities - Samples of some modules are now available at: or
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