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Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Sun Mar 9 16:37:26 CET 1997

Steve wrote.......

>I've read most of the archives on Panel lettering on 
>synth-diy and AH.  I'd like to have black panels, but I'm 
>having a hard time finding white dry transfers. Blueprint 
>companies sell Chartpak sheets for 10 or 12 dollars each 
>(ouch).  I know that Datak makes dry transfers for 
>electronics but I've been having trouble finding 
>distributors selling these "drafting aids".  Most only have 
>the PCB transfers or etching stuff from Datak.  I've gone 
>to all the big office supply places and reprographics shops 
>and all I find are black (ditto for local art suppliers).  
>If they have to order, the price goes through the roof.  
>Besides Datak makes pot markings, etc.  Are there any other 
>companies doing this kind of thing?
>(BTW, Ric Miller's panels are hand lettered with a silver 
>Pilot pen -- hard to tell when you look at his site!  
>Pentel makes an extra fine white marker for paint and 

If you can steal up the courage to enter your local arts-supply shop 
see if there's anywhere local that runs evening classes in 
screenprinting. If you've already got an UV box to do PCB's then 
you've got the only expensive bit of kit required. As soon as I've 
finalised my designs I'm doing my stuff at a local craft-printing 
co-operative. You'll save a bundle in letraset. Thinking about it I 
might just get round to putting some scanned in dials etc in my next 
(or more likely one-after-next) posting to Josh. Use them in a DTP 
package to make your artwork, print onto OHP film and you'll always 
have it if you need to re-do. The consumables cost peanuts if you're 
doing more than one of any given panel. If there's two of you wanting 
stuff done then the price becomes really low.

My $0.02


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